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Experience a transformation in your app or a web-based application with our dedicated AI infusion service. We accelerate your AI integration process, maintaining the highest standards of quality, ensuring your software products evolve to their maximum potential.

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Tailored AI Infusion for Every Client

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with rising competition in every sector and shifting customer needs. The demand for AI-integrated software is increasing daily. Our AI infusion services begin with your unique vision, then we apply our agile development process and advanced AI technologies to transform your software into cutting-edge applications that meet today's market demands.

AI infusion begins with your business goals. Engage with a group of innovative technology partners focused on AI advancements, and observe your product development process progress. We utilize the latest AI technologies and our expert business analysts to map your product's lifecycle, ensuring its successful launch and performance in the market.

Our Expertise and Industry Insight

Our AI infusion service excels in agile development and the application of diverse AI technologies, ensuring the superior quality of your software products. Agile methodologies allow us to utilize robust AI frameworks, building unique, AI-enhanced products that offer a competitive advantage, with a consistent focus on quality assurance.

We harness decades of experience in our AI-infused product development process and services. Our tried-and-tested methods have been recognized for their operational efficiency and their proficiency in achieving business goals seamlessly.

Proven track record with innovative products


Cleo is an innovative financial technology application that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize personal finance management. With a user-friendly chat interface, Cleo acts as a digital personal finance assistant, offering dynamic and personalized financial insights to its users.

Cleo's AI-driven features go beyond traditional banking apps. It analyzes your spending patterns, categorizes your transactions, and provides real-time updates, helping you gain a better understanding of where your money goes. It employs AI to offer personalized budgeting assistance, enabling you to plan and control your expenses effectively.

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Our agile development tested 100s of projects

Step 1
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Jafton signs on to be your development partner. According to your customer demands, our project managers take your idea and assess product quality and the core software concept. We take time to understand what purpose your software will serve.
Step 2
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The next step in our software product development services is the product roadmap, defining the technology stack, and highlighting cost effective best practices to win competitive markets. We use industry best practices and technical expertise throughout our business processes.
Step 3
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Our agile software product development then takes a turn for a visually-rich first wireframe. We use cutting edge technology to define how your software will look, function and feel. We deliver augmented user experiences starting in this stage of project management.
Step 4
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Development and coding
Innovative products are our specialty, and once we get to the coding part of our development process, you can sit back and relax. Our software product development services apply our skilled resources in efficient workflows to build feature rich products.
Step 5
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Part of our proven methodologies includes a robust quality assurance. To keep users from seeing bugs and to deploy cost effective products, software product development services don’t stop when a product is built. Your dedicated team employs testing as part of your product roadmap.
Step 6
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Release and maintenance
Our agile development methodology includes oversight of your product release and maintenance after the fact, too. Product development services with a reliable partner include this final maintenance as things come up when selling on a dynamic marketplace.

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