Top 10 Software Development Companies in New York

Hiring the best software developers comes with benefits you can easily imagine. From startups to enterprise businesses, every company will be faced with developing some type of software, website or app at some point.

Most businesses are now faced with that before they even launch.

Nowadays, every department store has its own app. New apps from delivery to dating are popping up every day, too.

Software development services are serving all types needs, from managed services to software development services, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, and enterprise clients with custom software.

Businesses without in-house software expertise, however, are faced with a tough choice when vetting custom software developers. They don’t know what they’re looking for, since they aren’t software engineers themselves.

How do companies decide which development services are right for them?

One of the first instincts companies have when shopping for app developers today is to favor a software development company located nearby. And while Silicon Valley and San Francisco are internationally relevant hubs for software development, custom software development companies in and around New York, NY represent some of the best software developers in the world.

These top 10 custom software development companies in New York, NY are worth your trust to totally own your digital transformation and take your web development, mobile apps and custom software projects to an exceptional level.


Jafton is a custom software development company headquartered in New York with offices in Dallas and Miami. The team builds and sells startups of their own in addition to building custom software products for their clients.

From the United States Department of Defense to the Discovery Channel host Peter Nielsen, in just eight years in business Jafton has launched extraordinary products for needs of all kinds. Among today’s app development companies, few have developed a portfolio of mobile and web apps from so many industries as the New York team at Jafton.

All custom software development projects are executed by experienced software engineering professionals at Jafton, and all cutting edge engineering solutions are completely custom.

Jafton’s web development and custom software offerings include mobile app development, NFT development, enterprise solutions, digital strategy consulting services, cloud consulting and everything in between.


With locations in the U.S. and Ukraine, Powercode is a custom software development company that builds leading-edge software for businesses of all kinds. Their developers and designers are notoriously user-oriented, meaning their apps win instant adoption.

Powercode’s software services team has proven savvy in building unforgettable digital experiences. They believe that developing custom software should be just as fun as the satisfaction of a finished product.

With a focus on web and mobile app development services, built-in browser apps are a “thing” of Powercode’s specialty. They build mobile solutions and cross platform mobile apps around the unique business goals of each client to blend brand objectives into an intuitive product that end users love.


Brights is a software development company headquartered in Kyiv with a big presence in New York City and the greater U.S. market. Their in house team team of over 70 software development professionals includes everyone from programmers to developers to QA specialists.

One of Brights’ big advantages is the flexibility to take a custom software development project on at any stage of the software development cycle, including:

  • R&D
  • Building MVPs
  • Launch cycle
  • Scaling
  • UX analysis
  • UX improvements

In just eight years, the Brights team has implemented more than 350 custom software and web development projects. This high-volume software development is how the company has refined its deep understanding of processes at all points in software project development.


IndiaNIC is a digital product agency that has focused on enterprise software development, including digital strategy, mobile applications, web development services, cloud consulting and software engineering.

IndiaNIC has offices in the U.S. and, as their name suggests, in India. They have an in house software developer team with specialized experience in custom web development, mobile app development, e-commerce and all other design-led types of engineering.

From start to finish of every custom software, the IndiaNIC team is professional and provides a stress-free experience for businesses. Their custom software development includes no templates, meaning their products are built to match each company’s vision.


Admios is a nearshore software development company based in the United States.

The Admios team has seven years in business providing premium staff augmentation to help enterprise businesses build out proprietary software.

CTOs, VPs and Directors of Software come to Admios for the following help:

  • Fast recruiting
  • Easy onboarding
  • Team-based talent

Admios has developers in every U.S. time zone and can fill any role from software engineers to a project manager or QA analysts and designers. The outsource software development company has a strong track record of helping financial services companies, in particular.

Beyond staff augmentation, Admios also works directly with cherry-picked financial services clients to handle custom software development without their clients lifting a finger. The Adios team is also available to help with managed services, migrations, and other custom software solutions inside a business.


Báchoo is a website and web app developer and software development company that creates experienced-focused sites for businesses. With offices in the United States and in Ukraine, in just seven years the Báchoo in house team of 30 has done more work in custom software development than most teams of 100 could do in the same time.

The web development, SaaS technology partner, and custom solutions provided by this international software development company pushes boundaries of what’s “standard” or seen as possible. And that pushes the businesses behind them forward, too.

The Báchoo web and mobile development team shares a “project management ideology” which they share with clients to provide total transparency and predictability to projects. This ensures that web development projects are delivered consistently on time and with no surprises.

Most of Báchoo’s custom software and web development clients have been small and medium enterprises, and absolutely all of them come on board with a sense of confidence in the Báchoo team. Those companies leave their ideas in Báchoo’s hands to see what unusual or unexpected choices will ultimately set their mobile apps or web development apart.

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions is an e-commerce, mobile development and web applications software development agency with offices in the U.S. and in Bahrain.

This award-winning web development company has worked on everything from websites to whole e-commerce platforms. Their core competency is delivering market-leading and end-to-end e-commerce solutions.

The web applications and mobile applications Magneto IT builds are strikingly beautiful, too. They instantly capture user interest and then innovate the shopper’s experience for remarkable mobile app experiences.

The Magneto IT team achieves this using their agile methodology to deliver the perfect experience for their client companies and for the end user. The mobile applications and web development company has built and delivered more than 1,800 successful e-commerce and digital strategy solutions to more than 650 clients worldwide.


CodeBright is a U.S.-based software development company that focuses on simplicity above all else. They believe that improving the world can be done through technology, and to adopt that technology users have to be presented with the simplest user experience.

CodeBright works with start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and even enterprise-level businesses to create custom software solutions. They’ve worked with non-profit organizations, too.

From developing MVPs to improving and automating business processes, CodeBrights exceptional custom software raises productivity and reduces costs for their client businesses. They also allow those businesses to add or improve services through new digital experiences for end users.

Sigma Data Systems

Sigma Data Systems is a data analytics and BI developer based in the United States with over a decade of experience.

The Sigma team understands how critical data is, and yet how hard it is to wrap our heads around it. Business leaders who aren’t data experts, themselves, know how quickly we come to suffer from the burden of data (with no idea how to pick out the crucial KPIs or act on the right data in the right way).

Sigma has devoted its custom software expertise to the world of big data. It provides unique solutions to clients using a stack of robust tools and several proven frameworks.

From handling data to preparing data analytics and visualization, Sigma Data Systems is supportive and creative when building client solutions for New York, NY and the surrounding area.

Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech is an end-to-end web and mobile app development company. Their custom software development company has offices in the U.S. and in India.

The Unified Infotech web applications team has worked with global enterprise clients as well as small and medium businesses.

United Infotech sees each client they take on as a partner. They work with these partners to plan their web applications and software development solutions through a design-thinking approach and using the latest technologies every time.

The resulting custom software and mobile app solutions accelerate clients’ business in measurable and inspiring ways.

The number of software engineer and programming graduates has increased significantly in the last decade, but even that hasn’t met rising demand. No number of software company service providers today could match half the demand for brands’ digital transformation.

Every business that exists today will need to hire software development companies at some point. Everyone will have a mobile app or a custom website experience or risk going extinct.

Hiring the best software development agency for the job takes a list of factors into account. Start by favoring those developers anchored to New York so you can support greater collaboration with your local New York, NY business.

Keep a pulse on the fast growing tech companies on this list, too, because their custom software and mobile app development solutions are the stuff of legend.

Use this list of the top software development companies in New York and you’ll never worry about your software projects or mobile app development company again.

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